PC-BSD 1.5.1 发布_PC-BSD下载

PC-BSD 1.5.1修复了一些重要的错误,更新了一系列的软件包,并增加了少数其它有用的东西,比如字体,翻译和驱动等。

PC-BSD 1.5.1主要有如下的变化:

• Bugfixes to the PBI removal tool – Removes /Programs/< ProgDir > consistently now;
• Added detection for NFE/MSK networking cards on install CD;
• Added GutenPrint support for additional print drivers;
• Added additional fonts to Xorg;
• Updated the PolicyKit configuration for latest HAL improvements;
• Fixed SMP support in default kernel configuration;
• Bugfixes to the new SystemUpdater tool – Download more than 4 patches without a failure;
• Fixes to the wifi config GUI, works properly with extra-long SSID names;
• Added Lipstik theme to root profile for consistent UI experience;
• Updated the installed ports to latest as of 4-16-08;
• Updated i18n support to latest from 4-14-08;
• Updated Quick-Guide, including PDF version.

PC-BSD是桌面化的FreeBSD;BSD是Unix的一个分支,诸如Google,Yahoo,NASA等都广泛地采用BSD作为服务器等的操作系统.FreeBSD 是最广泛使用的BSD系统,完全免费;但由于FreeBSD默认没有图形桌面,可以安装KDE等图形界面,但普通用户安装图形界面比较复杂,而且平时的应用操作也需要经过学习才能掌握. PC-BSD致力于解决这些问题,为所有人提供一个易用漂亮稳定的操作系统

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