The Scuba by Imperva Database Vulnerability Scanner finds hundreds of flaws like unpatched software, unsafe processes, and weak passwords: the high risk security vulnerabilities that expose your databases to attack. Find out what vulnerabilities lurk inside your database – register to download Scuba by Imperva today!

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Scuba by Imperva is a free, lightweight Java utility that scans Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL, and Sybase databases for known vulnerabilities and configuration flaws. Based on its data security assessment results, Scuba creates clear, informative reports with detailed test descriptions. Summary reports, available in Java and HTML format, illustrate overall risk levels. With Scuba by Imperva, you are quickly on your way to meeting industry-leading best practices for database configuration and management.

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Scuba by Imperva Benefits:

Detect vulnerabilities before malicious users do.
Databases are easy targets for attacks and internal abuse. Uncover your security risk level and remediate open vulnerabilities.
Bolster security for business and regulatory requirements.
Many compliance laws mandate that organizations protect sensitive data, test systems and processes, and ensure effective internal controls. Scuba by Imperva helps organizations meet these requirements.
Assess your database infrastructure in minutes.
Scuba by Imperva scans your database for vulnerabilities and generates HTML or Java assessment reports on demand in record time.
Unbeatably low price – free.
Scuba by Imperva is available free of charge.

Find out if your database is secure with Scuba by Imperva – and don’t be too surprised if it finds vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses that you might have overlooked.

Scuba by Imperva makes it easy to find and fix security issues. For an accurate and clear assessment of your database security, get the free Scuba by Imperva software and scan your databases now. Aren’t you curious to learn whether your databases are as secure as you believe they are? C’mon, take the challenge. []Register to download Scuba by Imperva today.[/URL]

Scuba by Imperva Database Support:
  IBM DB2*
  Microsoft SQL Server*
* All database operating systems are supported.

Scuba by Imperva Client Requirements
  Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
  Sun Java JRE 1.5+

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